Warped Tradition rug by AJ Warped Tradition From £2,059
Your Vision rug by AJ Your Vision From £1,184
Flying Lines rug by AJ Flying Lines From £1,577
Lost Prince rug by AJ Lost Prince From £1,211
True Identity rug by AJ True Identity From £1,577
Senate Space rug by AJ Senate Space From £988
Polygraph rug by AJ Polygraph From £1,184
Moroccan Teal rug by AJ Moroccan Teal From £1,211
Morning Meadow rug by AJ Morning Meadow From £1,550
Empire rug by AJ Empire From £1,523

The Definitive Collection shows AJ at his best. There are visual tricks, stark geometrics, and butterflies dancing through dawn-grey meadows.

In Polygraph, for example, he turns a simple tonal pattern into an essay on truth and honesty. And in Warped Tradition he challenges centuries of rug design through the subtle power of distortion. With AJ nothing is quite what you see. But what you do see, you want to look at again and again.