Runway Gallery

Volt by Syrett rug by Runway Gallery Volt by Syrett From £2,328
Tank by Syrett rug by Runway Gallery Tank by Syrett From £2,328
Coco by GrAzie rug by Runway Gallery Coco by GrAzie From £2,328
Karl by GrAzie rug by Runway Gallery Karl by GrAzie From £2,328
Aztec by Jake Mosher rug by Runway Gallery Aztec by Jake Mosher From £2,059
Black Jay by Jeff Muhs rug by Runway Gallery Black Jay by Jeff Muhs From £1,523
Kate by Ant Pearce rug by Runway Gallery Kate by Ant Pearce From £1,523
Femme by Ant Pearce rug by Runway Gallery Femme by Ant Pearce From £1,523
Black Lace by Vandor rug by Runway Gallery Black Lace by Vandor From £2,059
Catwalk by Sue Dray rug by Runway Gallery Catwalk by Sue Dray From £1,523

Runway Gallery Runway Gallery is a fashion focused art gallery and collective of artists acclaimed for bringing beauty back to the London art scene with its unique contemporary perspective of art. Merging art with fashion they invite the viewer to see art both as beautiful and to enjoy.

Through creating exquisite artworks that are both decadent and attainable - Runway Gallery artists are not excluded to exhibitions they are collaborators and shape-shifters that create, partner with like-minded brands that the public can relish and engage with.


Taking his lead from beauty and accessory brands, as well as fashion advertising, SYRETT looks at what is luxury and what is defined as beauty. Utilising high end textures and techniques of the fashion industry, he uses these elements to create exquisite artworks with hints of exotic animal skins, rarely occurring nature materials such real gold and pearls together with glossy finishes and hardware more akin to handbags. Working in several processes, mixing traditional craftsmanship with modern industrial techniques. SYRETT is developing a highly polished art process, creating twice yearly collections with ever changing styles. SYRETT’s latest collection of works is called The Designer Collection and each piece is named after a fashion designer that SYRETT respects. SYRETT lives and works in London.

Jake Mosher

Jake Mosher is a multi-award-winning photographer from Montana, USA. He grew up in Northern Vermont, on the edge of a tiny village near the Canadian border, in the heart of some of New England’s wildest country. From a very young age, he found himself drawn to remote places, at home in the deep woods, falling in love with the natural world around him.

“My work is photography and artistic design intertwined, and its results are pieces that yield new surprises each time you look at them. From complicated, geometric patterns, to sublime shifts in colour, to the flowing feel of wings on a summer breeze, my images are a fitting tribute to one of Earth’s most beautiful creatures”


Grazie is a New Zealand born visual artist based in London. Her distinct style blends inspiration from fashion, music and pop and youth culture to create works that are impactful and evocative. She repeatedly turns to a distinct colour palette bringing to life a series of bold and provocative pieces that merge underlying elements of pop, street and abstract art. Grazie’s style is easily recognised by her portrayal of popular imagery and icons through a faceless painting style.

Jeff Muhs

Jeff Muhs was born in Southampton, New York 1966. His father, an artist and third generation hunting and fishing guide, instilled in Jeff an intimate knowledge of their local natural environment. Thus the barrier beach of Long Island’s south shore would later become a major current running throughout Jeff’s work. Muhs is known as an innovative painter and sculpture, working in a variety of genres and mediums. Continually inspired by his discovery of truth in pure artistic form.

Sue Dray

Sue Dray has illustrated for over 40 years at the start of her career she worked for groundbreaking feminist publications Spare Rib and The Women’s Press, as well as for the gay community: Gay Men’s Press, Gay Pied and Gay News with the work all archived in The British Library.

Through the 80s she’s been published extensively with high profile authors such as Fay Weldon, Margaret Atwood and John Mortimer.

Sue draws backstage for Vivienne Westwood and Andrew Logan’s Alternative Miss World in a signature style that combines strong lines with painterly textures and bright, contrasting colour, focusing on the haptic of creating. Sue’s teaching history is extensive she has taught in the UK, Paris, Australia and America. She was Course Leader BA (Hons) Fashion Illustration at London College of Fashion for the past 7 years and will continue to contribute as a guest lecturer fuelling and nurturing the next generation of fashion artists.

Dara Vandor

Dara Vandor received a BA from McGill in Art History. Her work is held in public and private collections in North America and Europe, and has been exhibited in London, Los Angeles, Toronto and Montreal.

“Much like works of art, lingerie can occupy spaces of both function and fantasy. For me, this makes it an ideal subject through which to explore desire, femininity and memory. Through this series of drawings, an effort has been made to render that most personal portrait — with the intimacy of the private simultaneously shared.”

Ant Pearce

After completing his education at Central Saint Martins School of Art and an MA from Camberwell College of Arts, Pearce began to showcase human psychology, interpreting the theories of Freud, Kafka, Camus, Dostoyevsky, Kant and Schopenhauer through his inventive artistic mediums.

His art emphasises the relationship between order and mayhem. Pearce's work explores the themes of anxiety and imprisonment specifically, but not exclusively on the masculine body. Each piece embraces the idea of de-construction and the spiritual importance of the line as explored by Dutch avant-garde, constructivist Theo van Doesburg while the style of abstraction termed ‘painter-ly architectonics’ developed by Russian Cubo-Furturist Lyubov Popova is clearly visible.